Digital Live Streaming
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Affordable 24/7 “Live” Streaming Plans to fit every budget.
We specialize in “StageCams” in local venues with local musicians.
Increase your online presence and promote your business.
Save money by using your equipment, or use ours.
Embedded Media Player on your website to allow views from any location, on any device.
Equipment Needed: PC, HD Webcam, Microphone, Network Cable to Reach Router, (can be wireless, but increases lag) usb extension cable from PC to Webcam.
We support your stream for the entire length of the contract and will also promote your business on our websites.
Attract more visits to your business and website, setup a store and sell your merchandise worldwide!

All plans require a full year commitment and either a bi annual or annual payment.
Plan A. Using your own equipment $125.00 a month (Full Support)
Plan B. Using our equipment, $150.00 a month (Full Support)

(No setup charge on any plan)

To get started simply give us a call (239) 321-9142
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